How to share Host Internet with Hyper-V VM on Windows 10

Windows 10 Hyper-V is a Type-2 Hypervisor and is very useful for IT experts and professionals to learn and test various new operating systems and applications by creating virtual machines in a LAB environment on the same Laptop or Desktop.
Same as other tech tools or features Hyper-V also has some issues which you might come across after creating the external virtual network switch. One of these common issues is the breaking of the internet on the Host system after creating a network bridge between an external virtual network switch and the host network LAN or WiFi adaptor.
There are different troubleshooting methods but none of them worked on Windows 10 21H1 Hyper-V. so in this blog, we will describe an alternative method to avoid the above issue by simply sharing the Host Internet with a virtual switch on Hyper-V to access the internet within the virtual machines in the LAB enviornement.

Step # 1: Open HYPER-V console and click on “Virtual Switch Manager” to create an internal virtual network switch

Step # 2: Click on “New virtual network > Select “Internal” > click the “Create Virtual Switch” button > Press OK

Step # 3: Type the virtual switch name > select “Internal network” > press Apply button > press OK

Step # 4: Open Network Connections from Control Panel > All Control Panel items > Network Connections.
Right-click on WiFi or Lan adaptor > Click Properties > select Sharing tab > select “Allow other network
users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” > check “Home networking connection
and select relevant virtual switch as mentioned in the below screenshot > press OK

Now select the”vSW-WAN” in virtual machine settings and check the internet connectivity after powering on and logging in to the virtual machine.

Internet is now working Hyper-V virtual machine as shown in the below screenshot.

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