How to install Google Play store on Windows 11

Step 01: Go to setting from the start menu or by pressing the shortcut Windows Logo Key + I on the windows 11 system.


Step 02: Select Time & language as shown in the below screenshot


Step 03: Select Language & region as shown below



Step 04: Select Country or region as the UNITED STATES as shown below



Step 05: Open programs and features > click Turn Windows features on or off > check “Virtual Machine Platform and “Windows Hypervisor Platform”                > click OK to download the selected features on your windows 11 system and then restart. Proceed to the next step post restart. 




Step 06: Go to setting from the start menu or by pressing the shortcut Windows logo Key  + I on the windows 11 system.


Step 07: Click Privacy & security > For developers



Step 08: Turn on Developer Mode (Install apps from any source, including loose files) > Click Yes



Step 09: Download the google play store and windows subsystem for android file from the below link

(Note: This link is verified. But still, make sure to have a strong antivirus on your system to avoid any virus sneaking into your system) (


Step 10: After downloading extract the folder “WSA-GApps-pico_2204.40000.20.0_x64_Release-Nightly” from the above zip folder to this path C:\WINDOWS\system32 on your system.


Step 11: open Powershell.exe as an Administrator on your system and run the below commands in the exact sequence one by one as shown below and in the screenshot.


11.1  cd “C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSA-GApps-pico_2204.40000.20.0_x64_Release-Nightly”

11.2 Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

11.3 A

11.4 .\Install.ps1


Step 12: Windows subsystem for android and google play store will be installed together and once completed google play store will open as shown below in next step


Step 13: Click Sign in and enter your Gmail account credentials.



Step 14: Once signed in you can use the play store to download your favorite mobile apps on your windows 11 laptop or desktop and use these apps the same as you normally use on your mobile.



Thank you

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