How to fix the Power-On issue on an HP Laptop

Most of the people may experience and surprised to see that one day morning or any time their office or home laptop is not powering on and the most common question which may strike in their minds is that what happened to their laptop because it was just working fine until the last day or last night or when they used their laptop last time.

In offices, the IT help desk or IT support engineer in the IT department may also experience the same that users are complaining to replace or fix their laptops because it’s not powering on. So considering this situation the general assumption which comes into the IT help desk agent or IT Support engineer’s mind is that maybe there is a faulty power cable, power adaptor, or laptop battery. Being an IT Professional I experienced this situation a lot and you know what it does not always like that the laptop power issue is only due to any faulty hardware like power cable, charger, or battery. There are other causes also which are mentioned below.

This may also imply if the laptop is not properly shutdown

  • BIOS issue or corrupted BIOS due to sudden power failure or outrage
  • BIOS upgrade failure while upgrading to the latest version
  • BIOS corruption due to any virus attack.

if you come across this type of situation there is a simple method to resolve this issue which might save service cost especially for people using personal laptops at home but this requires some basic technical skillset.

Step 01: Remove the power adaptor from the laptop and Press and Hold the Power button for at least 15 seconds. Try to power on the laptop normally either on battery power or after connecting the power adaptor.

Step 02: If not succeed in “Step 01”then disconnect the power adaptor and open the back cover of the laptop by removing the screws with the screwdriver.

Step 03: Remove the Battery.

Step 04: Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds. Then try to power on normally by connecting the power adaptor only and without battery.

Step 05: If not succeed in “Step 04” then remove the power adaptor again and now disconnect the RTC (Real Time Clock) battery cell also.

Step 06: Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds the same as “Step 01” and “Step 04”.

Step 07: Connect the power adaptor and power on the laptop normally.

Now the BIOS will load with default settings because the RTC battery is removed in “Step 05”.

Step 08: Once the OS will load normally then shut down the laptop and reconnect the RTC battery and laptop power battery and then again verify after powering on the laptop before putting back the back cover and screws.

Issue resolved.

I hope this article will be helpful. Awaiting your feedback.

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