How to enable Bit Locker drive encryption on windows 10/11

Step 01: Open “Start Menu” and type/search for the “Control Panel” shown in the image below.

Step 02: Click on “BitLocker Drive Encryption” as shown in the below image

Step 03: Click on “Turn BitLocker On” as shown in the below image for the required disk partition like C: or D: etc. in the below example C: drive is only available in the same way                   BitLocker can be enabled on each drive.

(Alternative to above 3 Steps) Alternatively, you can also start BitLocker by following the below steps as well.

1 Open File Explorer                                  

2 Right-click on C Drive

3 select “Turn Bit Locker on









Step 04:  4.1 Enter admin ID and password if requires

                 4.2 Click “Save to a file” to save the Bit Locker recovery key to a shared folder and then select the shared folder location to save the key for use later while recovering if                         needed.

                 4.3 Click Save and then click Next

Step 05: Select the option “Encrypt used disk space only (faster and best for new PCs and drives)” and click Next

Step 06: Select the option “New encryption mode (best for fixed drives on this device)” and click Next

Step 07: Keep uncheck the below option “Run BitLocker system check” and click Start encryption

The encryption has started now as shown below and you may close this and may continue with your other work on the system because the encryption will keep running in the backend

The below is the final status of drives on a system once all the Disk partitions are encrypted with Bit Locker

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