How to create virtual network in Azure portal using GUI

Similar to physical network infrastructure Microsoft Azure has virtual networks doing the same job as the physical networks to allow all the cloud-based IT resources like virtual machines, storage, load balancers, firewalls, and so on to communicate with each other and other IT resources across the other resource groups, subscriptions, management groups, resources in the same region and other regions as well.

In this article, we will demonstrate that how to create a virtual network in Azure using GUI(Graphical User Interface)

Step 01: Login to Azure portal using the link and Click on “Virtual networks” as shown below.

Alternate Options to access “Virtual networks” 1.Click “Menu” button on the top left corner and then click on “Virtual networks” 2.Type “Virtual networks” in the search bar as shown below to access. 3.Select “Subscriptions”, select the subscription, Select “Resources” Click “+ Create” select “Networking” and select “Virtual networks

Step 02: Click “+ Create” to create the virtual network

Step 03: Select and enter the required information as shown below in the green border under “Basics”

Step 04.1: Enter the required “IPv4 Address space” as highlighted in green box.

Step 04.2: Click “+ Add subnet” to add a new subnet as shown below in the green border under “IP Addresses”

Step 04.3: Once the subnet is created and verified as shown below then click on “Security”

Step 5: Select the options as per your requirement under “Security”

Step:6 Give a Tag Name and Value under “Tags” to your vNET resource as per your requirement.

for example: Name “Department” and Value is “IT” etc. to assign this vNET resource to a specific department.

Step:7 Review all your changes as per the requirement and then click “Create” to create the virtual network

Step:7 Once created you can review and verify the virtual network created in Azure portal

This concludes this demonstration of virtual network creation from Azure portal using GUI

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